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Plastic surgery in Colombia

do I start?


Any surgical procedure is a big life decision that requires a lot of preparation and commitment in order to have the best outcome that is possible. 

Taking the time to search for information and to think about all the aspects of going through a plastic surgery treatment will help you to start the right way.


Ask yourself the right QUESTIONS

What do you want to correct?


Why do you want to do it?

Finding the right reasons is key before making any decision. 

Think about why you want to do it and what are your motivations to go through plastic surgery. Remember that changes should never be based on external opinions or to please someone else. They should always look to improve your quality of life. 


What are your expectations?

Unrealistic expectations can be very common when thinking about going through plastic surgery. It is important to understand and accept our possibilities. We are all different and we come all in different forms and shapes. 

Doctors will always do their best to make a better version of you but they won't be able to give you a new body.

Are you aware of the risks?


Every surgical procedure comes with a risk for possible complications. It is important to understand them and what can be done to minimize them. 

Choosing the right specialist and asking all the necessary questions will help you start the right way.  


Am I a good candidate for plastic surgery?


Am I willing to make some life changes?

Being in good health or adopting healthy habits before and after plastic surgery will have a big impact on the final results.


Plastic surgery is a life decision that requires a lot of commitment in order to have and maintain optimum results.

Are you ready
to start the process?
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