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This treatment looks to increase or decrease the size of the nose giving a better aspect and shape. During this process, the patient can define the top of the nose and correct any other imperfections without having any exposed mark.

Average primary rhinoplasty all-inclusive price in Medellín 

$6 150 USD

Average time needed in the city
24 - 30 days 

*Final Prices are subject to the plastic surgeon evaluation
*Prices are subject to the Dollar exchange rates in Colombia

Plastic surgery procedure + Anesthesiologist
Operating room and team fees
Medical Policy & Medicines
RecoveryHouse Icons (3).png
Recovery House Accommodation
Transportation & Accompaniment
Hyperbaric Chamber 

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon
Member of the Colombian Plastic Surgery Society

Dr. Florez is a specialist in facial surgery. His dedication to precision and careful work ensures you'll achieve amazing results.

Financing for Canadian citizens

  • High approval

  • Competitive interest rates

  • No early payment penalty

  • No  down payment

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