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Plastic surgery, more than a physical change, a life change

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Plastic surgeries, apart from providing physical changes, also generate psychological and emotional changes which impact a person's self-esteem. For most, this improves their daily lives.

We can say that plastic surgery is also "psychological surgery" since it provides emotional benefits to the person who undergoes a procedure.

It should be clear that plastic surgery is not a solution to emotional deficiencies.

The majority of people who had plastic surgery procedure had recovered their confidence and security. It has an impact on their interactions as it allows them to relate better in their daily lives.

The most performed cosmetic surgeries today are mammoplasty, liposuction, abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty, and facial rejuvenation surgeries or eyelid lift.

Dr. Erick Aliaga, a plastic surgeon, points out that there are a series of motivations for undergoing a surgical intervention called "real causes" which are the ones that affect the self-esteem and development of the person and its personality. We talk about patients who have suffered injuries, burns, tumors, birth conditions, oncological problems, or who need reconstructive procedures.

Facial deformities: Today, injuries or deformities caused by an accident, a burn, or cancer can be reconstructed, managing to treat any facial element with satisfactory results.

Breast cancer: thanks to technology, women with mastectomy can recover their breasts with a natural appearance since it is no longer necessary to put silicone as the breast can be reconstructed using the same body tissue.

Weight control: There exist many bariatric treatments today that can help patients lose weight.

Aesthetic complexes: especially in women with small breasts, breast augmentation is a factor that influences their self-esteem, quality of life, security, and confidence in the social environment.

When physical appearance and mental health are issues or concerns, people become more vulnerable to self-rejection or low self-esteem. It is essential in these cases to go to a doctor who can help you improve these aspects of your life before taking any decision.


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